My project "Parma Eldaliéva" gives the world and the Tolkien community in particular the first books in Tengwarin calligraphy. The project's calligraphic art volumes will, in an artistic way, take members of the Tolkien community much closer to the world of Middle-earth and the Elven culture. They will give them a unique and powerful multi-layer experience of the atmosphere of the stories and will enable them to 'feel' those in an unprecedented way. They are underlying and harmonious with essential wisdom and creative principles advocated by Tengwar's very existence, integral for the world and culture they are associated with, and, as I see it, very important for every creator/"sub-creator", "little maker", artist. The art manuscripts are meant to stimulate each individual reader's own visual imagination and perception of Middle-earth and Elvendom. They serve to kindle awareness of and reflection upon some every so often overlooked yet highly valuable points in Tolkien's works concerning creativity, art, craftsmanship, the inherent inner "fire" and longing to create and share beauty and goodness devised in a responsible way and brought into being by one's own hands, through one's talents.

The first "Parma Eldaliéva" is oriented mainly towards the Tolkien community worldwide, students and researchers of the Elven writing systems and culture, calligraphy practitioners and admirers, graphic art enthusiasts.

The project includes seven (as per initial planning) original calligraphic art books inspired by the works of J.R.R.Tolkien. I work with my original calligraphic scripts for Tengwar, which I devised and continue to develop with utmost care and respect for the stories that inspired me, in harmony with the concept, and in accordance to the needs of each of the project's parts. True to the way and purpose of their development and to their harmony with Tengwar and its unique inner "logic", story and "heartbeat" they do not copy or follow samples, styles or scripts from human history, traditions or alphabets.

In addition to the creation of the first "Parma Eldaliéva", I have already finished the concept development, most of the general design and some key graphic work on all of the remaining primary volumes. I expect minor changes and sudden creative ideas to make them even better in the course of my further work on them, as it has proved to be the case with the first volume. While considering the contents, scripts and design of those seven books I had many ideas for other artworks more or less related to them. I have been organizing notes, calligraphies and sketches about those on the side, and the series will probably expand well beyond the initial volumes.


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