* August-September 2015: The Tolkien-related journal "Aiglos" (in Polish) published in its issue for 2015 a reproduction of page 98 of "Parma Eldaliéva I" and of "Lúthien" by Elmenel

* Elendilion (in Polish): Parma Eldaliéva - tengwarowe kaligrafie Elmenel

* A VIDEO walk throught the Sheffield exhibition in September 2015 featuring "Parma Eldaliéva" art by Elmenel. (September 2015)

* September 2015, A Tolkien-inspired art exhibition Sheffield: Exhibition announcement video

* ScififantasyNetwork: "Evil In The Shining Light" Art Show

* * *

The "Patreon" page of the art of Elmenel and "Parma Eldaliéva"

The official Facebook page of the "Parma Eldalieva"