I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards all supporters and donors whose names are on the following list, as well as those who preferred their names to be excluded from it. You aided this project in a very difficult time for which you have my deeply heartfelt thanks. You helped a measure of new beauty to enter this world, for which you have my respect.

Parma Eldalieva: Thank You!

Veronika Georgieva
Asen Tsvetkov
Svetozar Marinov
Ivo Stankov
Kalina Bahchevanova
Emilia Andonova
Andrei Velkov

Nikolay Nikolov
Martin Kaltchev
Tsvetan Biyukov
Damyan Christov
Floss Gibson
Alexander Andonov
Alexandrina Velkova

Emil Antonov
Kaloyan Gigilev
Gergana Stoytcheva
Petar Petrov
Dobromir Hristov
Rada Staneva
Floss Gibson

The Art of Elmenel Champions List

Floss Gibson
Tsvetan Biyukov
Amos Ben-Israel
Jade Wilson
Sarah Flewelling
Scott Fischer
Sue Bernamont
Eric Majka
The Prancing Pony Podcast
Beregond, Anders Stenström
Petra Helmiö
Margaret Schachte
Zane Libiete

Tsvetelina Kostova
Tatyana Filipova
Boyan Stoyanov
Troels Forchhammer
Richard G. Leonberger
Marius Froisland
Tanya Plashkova
Mandy Zitouni
George Duff
Chica Chubb
Gonzalo Ventura
Jude Vais

Rada Staneva
Michael Taaffe
anonymous friend
John Cockshaw
Kastytis Zubovas
Shawn Marchese
Liza Gold
Ariana Worcester
Jeremy Williams
Alex Ward
Anna Goodling
Juliette Corbi
Joshua Clark


My grandparents and my father, who passed away, for their love and care for my personal development.
Veronika Georgieva, Emil Antonov and Nikolay Nikolov for their long and steadfast friendship and support. For giving me light in dark times.
Asen Tsvetkov, Kaloyan Gigilev, Martin Kaltchev, Svetozar Marinov and Tsvetan Biyukov for their unconditional friendship and for their great kindness, care and encouragement. For having faith in me.
Thank you so, so much, Julia Chalakova!

Dr. Torao Tokuda and the Tokushukai Scholarship Foundation, the Sen family and the Urasenke School of Tea Ceremony, as well as Ms.Krissi Prahova, Ms.Maria Christova, Prof. Y.Fujimori and Prof. K.Yaegashi for their invaluable support of my studies and for the academic and the real life lessons they helped me learn.
Mr.Koichi Tanaka, Ms.Rie Ishikawa and her family, Mr. and Ms.Atsuchi for their great kindness, understanding and care.
Gergana Stoytcheva, Adrian Iliev and Damyan Christov for their friendship and support.